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About This Website

Learn about the purpose of this website.

About Breeding

Another lesson about breeding (by Tracy Saltmarsh)

Bug Sizes?

Chart for proper bug sizes per dragon size (by Stacy Southward Dixon)

Care Sheet

General Caresheet (by Alexis Jefferson)


The great cohab debate (by Jason Rogue Element Ball)

Cricket Breeding

Cricket breeding how to (by Alexis Jefferson)

Dubia Breeding

Dubia roach breeding (by Tracy Saltmarsh)


Bearded Dragon FAQ (by Alexis Jefferson)

Food Chart

Food Chart for your Dragon (by Debbie Shannon)


All about Gout (by Alexis Jefferson)

Healthy Dragon

How to spot a healthy dragon (by Alexis Jefferson)

Hospital Enclosure

Guide to setting up a Hospital Enclosure (by Stacy Southward Dixon)

Lay Box

Guide on how to setup a Lay Box (by Alexis Jefferson)


Lighting requirements for a Bearded Dragon

Mealworm Debate

Mealworm Yae or Nay Debate (by Alexis Jefferson)


Bearded Dragon myth busters (by Alexis Jefferson)

Parasite Guide

Parasite Guide (by Alexis Jefferson)

Prey Size

The great prey size debate (by Jason Ball)


Let's talk about Rescuing (by Tracy Saltmarsh)

Sand Debate

Sand Debate (by Alexis Jefferson)

Super Worm Breeding

Super Worm Breeding (by Stacy Southward Dixon)

Syringe Feeding

Video on how to syringe feed your Dragon (by Stacy Southward Dixon).

Syringe Explained

How to properly read a Syringe (by Stacy Southward Dixon)

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